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Zen Tabletop Fireplace

Italian for “fiery passion,” the dazzling Ardore fireplace lives up to its name. The burner is held between two thick tempered glass panels which mirror and enhance the beauty of the fire.

Zen Tabletop Fountain

The luminating light of the Zen tabletop fountain is sure to bring serentiy to any room. The water flows over the face of this “stone-finish” table fountain glistening off the light as it trickles down.

LUNE Color Changing Mood Light

The LUNE incorporates Dense Matrix LED technology, user-friendly controls and a sleek body to bring vibrant colors to every occasion. With just one tap of the LUNE’s intuitive touch pad, launch yourself into a world of color with seven preset colors, two smooth continuous color fading modes, and adjustable color intensity.

LivingColors Mini Color-changing LED Ambiance Light

The Philips LivingColors Mini LED lamp is an innovative mood setter with the capability to project 256 different color combinations. Change colors quickly and easily to create the unique atmosphere that fits a particular moment.

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